Welcome to Phenalon!

Phenalon is an enormous earth-like world. The inhabitants of Phenalon are made up of a myriad of intelligent, resourceful, and magical species.

Phenalon has a long majestic history. Following is a brief look at the primary nations and beings of Phenalon.


Whist began eons ago as a dream in the mind of it's creator, the great sorceror Whist. The world was a barbaric one. People lived in nomadic tribes fighting over food and land which held their attention briefly. There was great disorder. Chaos reigned.

Wizards and sorcerors of great power appeared at this time. One was Whist. Some said they came from the sky as great balls of fire that reigned down upon the planet like meteors. With each landing a great crater was left and at its center was a being of great power and majesty. Others claimed that they were mutatuions created from a dying breed of fantastic creatures during the age of Chaos.

The beings brought order to the people through numerous wars fought with great violence. The people became submissive to their new rulers and each being bent their people and transformed them into new races with many different tallents and levels of intelligence. Some, however, were treated badly and became horrible monsters which bred evil and destruction.

The greatest being, indeed the head of his order, was Whist. He was neither kind nor cruel, he was just. His dream was a nation to be above all others, that would stand before the creator at the end of time. His people were purified. They were transformed into people of great bravery, courage, compassion, and intelligence. The best of human values and morals were instilled within them. They quickly became the most talented and subsequently revered people in Whist's area of influence. While Whist worked to perfect his people and build them a mighty land of great beauty, other beings were also at work around him.

Su (Sah, u has an accent mark):

A sorceress named Su (Sah) was at work to the west of Whist creating the country of Su. Su had just completed her people , had chosen a leader, and was building the capital city when she vanished from the planet. Whist was alerted to her disappearance by emissaries sent by the new Su leader who pleaded for direction and order. Whist, in answer, sent one hundred advisors to help bring order to the panic stricken and defensless Suians. The advisors, without oversight from Whist, took virtual control over every aspect of Suian life. They ruled for 1000 years, until the Suians rebelled in the Great Su Uprising. During the rebellion the Suians also conquered Thuth (Thooth, u has an accent mark). Thuth was a trading city of Whist. It resides on the western bank of the River of Life, the great river that acts as the primary separation between Su and Whist. With the conquest of this city, Su now controlled all the land between their borders and the River of Life. Whist was more concerned with other matters and did not contest the Su invasion and conquest of a Whistarian city. However, the Thuths put up a valiant fight and were never completely defeated. Gorilla warfare continued between the Thuths and the Suians for years until an agreement was made to consolidate the two regions into a unified country both economically and politically. A new senate was created, half the seats were given to the Thuths and the other half to the Suians, however, the King was still a Suian. But, the country also changed its name and became SuThuth (Sah-Thooth).

SuThuth (Sah-Thooth, both u's have accent marks):

With the unification and creation of SuThuth, the SuThuthians now had a better image of themselves and no longer looked to Whist for advice or help. They now considered themselves completely independent from Whist, and began to persue foreign affairs for their own interests. Whist considered SuThuth a second rate nation so he ignored them and allowed them to progress at their own rate.


Marbel was one of Whist's main aides. He was well respected and as a gift Whist gave him a relatively small lot of land between two rivers and the coast to the south to rule. The people were a branch of the Whistarian strain, however, Whist thought they were too intent on beauty and pleasure to be the great Whistarians he was looking for. Within several years of its founding Marbel was noted as the most beautiful country anywhere. Every building, road, and major construction was built from marble (red, blue, green, black, white, pink, yellow, and gold), The marble was shipped down the River of Life from the Growan mountains far to the north of Whist, and then moved along the coast to the capital city Marbel. Every person was accomodated for as long as they performed their tasks. Those who didn't were either stoned or reduced to live in the worst conditions performing the most menial tasks. Marbel built himself a great palace and ruled his people for a long time. He was not a being like Whist, but he was not Whistarian either. He lived for close to 4000 years before dying of natural causes. The people of Marbel still mourn his passing today. Currently the country is rulled as a state of Whist.

Suda (Soodah, u has an accent mark)

Suda was founded by Su's sister Suda, who was also Whist's love. She wanted to live near Whist, but her sister took the only appropriate land nearby Whist out of jealousy, so Suda chose another land that was much more beautiful than Su, but far to the east from Whist. Her people grew along with the Whistarians and many were bred with Whist's true Whistarians. They were second in stature only to Whistarians and their civilization developed into a great culture. They valued knowledge above all other things and considered the developement of the mind to be the greatest honor to the creator. The Sudas are strong allies with Whist.


Flatlandia was founded 2000 years after the founding of Whist. Whist spent years selecting the best of the barbarians under his control for his breeding stock, however, after only 100 years he became aware of the fact that without the bad traits he wouldn't be able to create a perfect society and since the original barbarians he chose did not posses many of these traits the two populations were switched. Flatlandians were that lost population of Whistarians. They found themselves ripped from the lap of Whistarian luxury and deposited on the shores of a great peninsula to the north west of Whist that was noted for its vast grassy plains, thus the name Flatlandia. Once abandoned though, the Flatlandians quickly disperssed accross the peninsula and split into numerous groups. 2000 years later the groups were finally merged through a council of tribesmen which formed the first council government on Phenalon. Due to their high intelligence and stature they swiftly became a very noble race that is well respected by other people. Their population exists in a few coastal surface cities and an indeterminate number of underground cities that span the entire length of the peninsula and continue for miles under the Growan mountains.

The Oglavians (Ooo-gla):

10,000 Whist Foundation (WF) the Oglavians came to Phenalon. Abandoning a world fated for destruction. The Oglavians had been a great space faring race. They explored vast amounts of space, but never founded any colony worlds. This was due to their rulers' desire to maintain direct control over their subjects. An Oglavian research ship near the outskirts of their solar system discovered a large planet sized object heading into their system. It was quickly determined that the asteroid would hit Oglavar and destroy it. The rulers of the planet decided to evacuate immediately, however, they felt it was only important to save themselves and their servants. SO they loaded a large vesel with their prized possessions, several thousand workers and servants including engineers and scientists, and every person of noble blood, nearly 20,000 people. The ship left Oglavar days before the asteroid hit. When the catastrophe occured nearly 30 billion Oglavians died. Besides the escape ship only a few exploration vessels also survived.

The nobles decided to find a new world and begin again. The only inhabitable world that had been discovered was Phenalon. They knew it was a huge world and their scientists determined that Phenalon would not have been destroyed if it had been hit by the planet sized asteroid that destroyed Oglavar. So they decided to establish a new country on Phenalon and plotted to eventually take over the planet. However, upon entry into Phenalon's atmosphere the ship broke apart. The top half with the nobility crash landed on a peninsula to the south east of Whist below Tinyton. The other section with the servants, scientists, and engineers landed on another peninsula to the south west of Whist below Su. As time passed two nations arose: Barbarian Ogla to the south east of Whist and Civilized Ogla to the south west of Whist.

Barbarian Ogla and Civilized Ogla:

Barbarian Ogla to south east of Whist was founded by the Nobles of Ogla and their personal servants. Without the technological know-how of scientists and engineers who landed far to the west these Nobles and servants devolved almost to the stone age. They had rudimentary skills with construction and no way to repair or reproduce the technology that they had used all their lives. They did know how to use and train horses. Today they are a nomadic nation with a centralized monarchy that claims the mountainous region they landed in as their home. They have great skill with horses and hunting animals and they use their skills to raid neighboring nations. Barbarian Ogla is currently the greatest enemy to Whist and it's alies. Civilized Ogla is a threat, but the raids and incursions by Barbarian Ogla are persistent and deadly.

Civilized Ogla was founded in fire, devestation, and wholesale slaughter. As their part of the ship split off the technically minded Oglavians thought they would not survive an impact so they entered the escape pods and escaped. When the bottom half of the ship crash landed in what was then the nation of Tenethal. It smashed into the outskirts of the capital city Paurade. The explosion caused by the volatile fuel was the largest ever seen on the planet and most who witnessed it died. After the Oglavians exited their escape pods they were greeted by a devastated landscape, but the nation of Tenethal was a large nation so people came from all over to do what they could to help. They greeted the Oglavians warmly, totally unaware of what the Oglavians had planned for them and their nation. Oglavians are a green sickly looking being and have the ability to survive on just about any food. Seeing the devastated landscape and the meek helpful people the Oglavians repaired their equipment and weapons then started slaughtering the people of Tenethal as a source of food. Some were spared and became a slave race. The slaughter and enslavement happened over half a year. The Oglavians had a lot of technology available to them and they knew how to build more. So they spread over the country rapidly. They stopped when they reached natural boundaries. The Suian Mountains to the north, the Tenethal Mountains to the south, the Gulf of Whist to the East and the Ocean of Philia to the west. They would have gone further, but the Suians stopped their progress at the pass of Rendel the only pass through the mountains. And the magical people of Darawa were able to keep them from crossing the Tenethal mountains to the south. Unfortunately, in the end, the nation of Tenethal was gone. The people who were unique to that region had either died or been turned into slaves. Few escaped by sea to other ports. While some may have lived their culture was gone. Eventhough the Oglavians had been stopped they lusted for more people to consume and lands to conquer.

Updated: January 16, 2016